Old Town has Become a Ghost Town

    With more than 800 restaurants Scottsdale, is usually a city full of great times, gourmet food and great shopping. Regularly buzzing with tourists, party buses and jam-packed night clubs, Old Town, sadly has become ghost town.

    The small but mighty town has taken a big hit during the crisis.
    Local stores have closed and busy old town shopping has come to a hault. Arizona’s top mall, Fashion Square, has closed in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A normal Saturday at the mall no longer includes purchasing the latest fashions or window shopping. With the doors shut to all retail businesses you will have to take care of your retail therapy online.

    Local restaurant owner reports his sales dropping from $8,000 per day to $700 per day. Average rent space in Old Town is any where from 10k to 15k a month. He mentions keeping staff is challenging during these times, and hopes the city will suppport or create a plan to revitalize the situation. However the health of our loved ones is more important and as a local business owner I rather be safe than sorry.

    Scottsdale promoter Gem Ray states,
    “The virus has affected everyone and is very unfortunate. It has disrupted a great deal in Old Town Scottsdale. Many businesses are hurting along with their employees and many other people involved. Closing during the busiest time of the year hit everyone extremely hard. Regardless, The city of Scottsdale & The Entertainment District is doing a great job and are very resilient when everything re-opens. I personally wish everyone great health and safety along with all businesses to strive together. We will be back”.

    Local restaurants, bars, and clubs have been heavily effected. Scottsdale’s revenue is sinking. Spring trainning during March was considered high season, where restaurants and bars generated higher revenue. It was happy season for most. Now, not so much.

    Restaurants forced to serve only off premises, “take-out” “delivery ” “curb-side service” recudes sales drastically.

    Take out sales usually draw 10% to 15% of total sales daily. It’s extremely hard for a local, owned business to sustain with 15% of its sales for more than 2 weeks, less 30 days. Even allowing alcohol to-go, does not make up for the traditional income generated in what was a very healthy economy during March. Let’s hope this crisis ends soon, and Old Town can be the amazing, fun, western, small gem it always was. Let’s STAY HOME and practice social distancing, nothing is more important than health and the health of our loved ones. The party can wait.