United Healthcare’s ¡Hay Más Adelante! Campaign Comes to the Valley with Vikki Carr

By Francisco Romero

Vikki Carr: “Know your options, age-well”

Phoenix, AZ – Four-time Latin Grammy winner Vikki Carr, will visit the Valley on October 19 and no, she will not be singing, but she will still be in front of an audience.

Vikki Carr will share her personal experience and insights on embracing aging with health and vitality.

“As we get older, we cannot relax and stop taking care of our health,” Carr told vivaphoenix.com during our interview.

“¡Hay Mas Adelante! speaks for itself; this will be a great opportunity for everyone to come and find out about options when it comes to choosing medical care.”

During the ¡Hay Más Adelante! event, attendees will get information about their coverage options. A UnitedHealthcare representative will explain the basics of Medicare, including different parts of the program, eligibility requirements and enrollment deadlines, and will answer the attendees questions!

For Vikki Carr, it was an easy option to support ¡Hay Mas Adelante! as her personal experiences have thought her to be more pro-active when it comes to aging and being well.

“Why not?” Vikki told us.  “If God is giving us an opportunity to live longer, we should take advantage of what is in-front-of us, be healthy and enjoy life as we get older.”

In regard to her personal experiences, Vikki was away from performing for a while, due to her husband being diagnosed with dementia in 2012 and taking care of him.

She is now back singing, after learning and getting educated on the health and care-giving options available.

“My husband has always been number one,” she said.  “But sometimes we have to let the experts help us in taking care of our loved ones, at times, all I did was get in their way. I have found three caregivers who are wonderful and trustful to the point where I can continue with my life and career while taking care of my husband at the same time.”

The following will present at the “Hay Mas Adelante” event:• Four-Time GRAMMY winner Vikki Carr who will share her personal experience. • UnitedHealthcare representative Maggie Vazquez, who will share tips and information on how to plan a healthy life and will be leading the educational portion of Medicare.• Professor Marilyn Omifunke Torres, who will involve the audience through her storytelling

Saturday, October 19 at 10:00 a.m. and at 2:30 p.m. at the Arizona Broadway Theater in Phoenix, 7701 W. Paradise Ln, Peoria, AZ 85382

See you on the 19th Vikki.