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New Show Opens to the Public at Scottsdale Fashion Square This Saturday, Oct. 12

Challenging perceptions, inviting exploration, and encouraging thoughtful dialogue. These are the intentions of “Elsewhere,” a new immersive art show that will debut at Wonderspaces at Scottsdale Fashion Square this Saturday, Oct. 12, and will run through March 2020. The new show presents 13 interactive and participatory art installations from artists around the world.

Wonderspaces’ first show, “Point of View,” debuted this spring, and quickly became a statewide attraction among thousands of visitors of all ages. Now, “Elsewhere” is set to captivate new audiences and re-engage past visitors.

“This is a completely new, interactive and moving art experience,”said Jason Shin, Co-Founder and President of Wonderspaces. “’Elsewhere’ features scenes from our everyday world, and then tiltsthem in a way that challenges your perceptions.”

The artists of “Elsewhere” prompt visitors to question their reality. The dynamic curation of art installations rewrites the laws that govern the physical world and human interactions with it, offering glimpses into what other realities may be possible.

Because each installation relies on individuals’ sensory perceptions, the impression every piece elicits is as unique as the visitors themselves. For example, Hoshi, an installation by the Paris-based Nonotak studio, is a depiction of infinite space that uses light, mirrors, and sound to engage visitors into an immersive experience.

Another installation from Brazilian artist Rejane Cantoni challenges notions of space and movement. Soil invites visitors to walk on the surface of the artwork, thus becoming a participant. The surface is composed of modular planes that move in all directions, like a seesaw. Each step the participant takes reverberates across the entire artwork, demonstrating that for every action, there is an equal reaction.

“’Elsewhere’ will certainly expand your view of the world,” said Shin. “It’s incredibly eye-opening in both an artistic and social context.”

Get a sneak peek of “Elsewhere” through this 20-second video atvimeo.com/358955570, follow @wonderspacesaz on social, and visit arizona.wonderspaces.com to purchase tickets and learn more. A selection of high-resolution photos depicting the”Elsewhere” installations is also available at: http://bit.ly/2p0UPGg

Expanded offerings at Wonderspaces

In addition to Wonderspaces offering individual show tickets and annual memberships, the space is also available for special events, holiday parties and other large corporate gatherings and outings. 

About Wonderspaces
Based in California, Wonderspaces launched in 2016 to bridge the gap between artists and new audiences. With each show,Wonderspaces creates a place where people can connect with art and with each other while delivering on its mission to create shared artistic experiences. After a successful launch in San Diego, Wonderspaces established its first permanent location at Scottsdale Fashion Square in spring 2019. An installation is planned in Philadelphia for winter 2019 and in Austin in spring 2020. To learn more, follow @wonderspaces on social or visit Wonderspaces.com

Viva Phoenix had the opportunity to visit this wonderful art show and we loved it. Highly recommended for kids, family and friends.