How Much Waste Food Will Phoenix Produce This Thanksgiving?

Research reveals that each US household will waste $45.93 worth of food this Thanksgiving, amounting to a staggering $5.9 billion across the US on Thursday.

Thanksgiving is a time for getting together to celebrate with family and start the Holiday season, but it’s also a day when Americans produce a shocking amount of food waste.
Imperfect Foods has today revealed the findings research which highlights the shocking figure that Americans will waste a staggering $5.9 billion worth of food this Thanksgiving.
The company conducted the research based upon the cost of preparing a classic Thanksgiving menu from scratch at home and official food waste statistics which state that 40% of the food which we purchase and prepare goes to waste.

The full research, and a newly launched food waste calculator which allows consumers to calculate their own food waste, can be seen here:

How Much Waste Food Will US Cities Produce This Thanksgiving?

Further to this, the findings showcase the Thanksgiving food waste set to be produced by America’s 150 largest cities, with those in the top 5 as:

1. New York – $148,405,877

2. Los Angeles – $70,511,358

3. Chicago – $47,814,9144.

4. Houston – $41,091,620 5.

5. Phoenix – $29,337,006

Thanksgiving food waste data across all 50 states and the country’s largest cities can be explored here

Further to this, the research showcases the annual food waste produced by each American household to be $1,752, giving a combined total across the nation of approximately $218 billion.